Bohemian Vixen & Silkfred aug 2014 001

Bohemian Vixen is designed & handmade in Belfast.  My collection is made up of semi precious stones, bones, beetle wings, chain, charms & some up-cycled vintage finds.

From a very young age I had an obsession with jewellery.  I was forever playing in my Grandmothers jewellery box. She has some incredible pieces, I still love to adorn myself with her jewels when I visit.

I started to make my own jewellery in 2010 right before I got married. My Honeymoon was fast approaching and I knew from previous experience of travelling with future Husband that my marriage may be short lived if he had to pay excess baggage again due to the amount of clothes I would usually take on holiday!! So I decided to pack fewer clothes and take more accessories.  This was a winner, looked like I was wearing something completely different every night of our trip. Now, the pieces I was making then were a whole lot more modest than what I create now, still it was the inspiration I needed to learn to create pieces as I do today.  I am inspired daily, by nature, music, people, my little people, our incredible night sky & trips to Ibiza (always in my heart & mind).

I offer a bespoke service so if you are after something completely different but can’t seem to find it anywhere please drop me an e mail or give me a call and we can discuss our project.

I want to make sure that there is something for everyone on my site with price ranges right across the board. I used to hate seeing something that I fell in love with but could not justify spending a ridiculous amount of money on to own it. I believe you shouldn’t have to spend the earth to look and feel good but if you want something a little more luxurious and different you will find that on my website too.
I hope you love & enjoy my creations as much as I do.